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Founded in 2019

Influencer Agency from Bremen

With a mix of humor and absolute honesty, we show you how influencer marketing is properly conceived and implemented.

Our mission: To elevate your brand to the next level – authentic, honest, and with a good dose of fun in between.

We deliver what we promise – honest, direct, and without compromise. Our solutions are as unique as your brand itself, and we don’t do things halfway when it comes to authenticity. Why? Because real connections are at the heart of everything. In influencer marketing, it's all about bringing together the target audience, creators, and brands.

We leverage the existing trust between influencers and their community to position your brand authentically. This way, your brand is not only seen but also felt – no frills, but with lots of heart and humor. Ready to write the next chapter? Then let’s take off together and make your brand the new favorite on social media!

We come from where everyone wants to be

Gaming for Your Brand

Our journey began in 2019 in the exciting world of gaming. As an influencer agency for gaming influencers, especially on, we quickly proved that we have what it takes. We started managing larger content creators and gained a wealth of valuable experience. Yes, we know exactly what creators want – and how we can implement that for brands.

But we didn’t stop when the gaming world became our comfort zone. We thought: Why not expand the playing field? So we extended our expertise far beyond the confines of Twitch & gaming. Today, we connect brands with influencers from various fields – from lifestyle and fashion to technology and survival. On platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, & TikTok, we ensure your message reaches exactly where it needs to be heard.

Our deep roots in gaming and extensive experience as an influencer marketing agency make us a unique partner for your brand. We know how to design authentic influencer campaigns and place messages accurately – always with the intent to reach the right audience and achieve sustainable success.

So, buckle up and let’s make sure your brand is in the spotlight – with plenty of humor, heart, and the expertise only an agency from the gaming world can offer.

Of course, you could go elsewhere, but...

Why You Should Work With Us

With us, there are no empty phrases or marketing nonsense. We talk straight and deliver results. Period.

We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. If we say we’re going to rock your campaign, we will.

Every brand is unique, and so are our solutions. No copy-paste strategies, but individually tailored marketing masterpieces.

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves (most of the time). A bit of fun is a must, and it shows in our working style.

Customized Solutions for Every Budget

Can I Afford an Influencer Agency?

Think about it: If you want to enjoy a delicious gourmet meal, you don’t just go to the supermarket and cook it yourself, do you? You go to a professional who knows how to combine the best ingredients and offer you an unforgettable experience. The same goes for us.

As your influencer marketing agency, we offer customized solutions that perfectly fit your budget and deliver the greatest possible value for your brand.

We act as a partner and friend – but don’t worry, we’re the kind of agency you don’t need to cheat on when you need a hot idea! If the house is on fire or you need an idea, just shout out to us. Maybe that’s why there’s already been a ship full of influencers on the Rhine, a hall full of roaring people, and other crazy ideas that came to life.