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Influencer Marketing

The fact that you have found your way to our influencer marketing agency shows that you are ready to approach things differently. Maybe your current influencer marketing isn’t running smoothly, or you’re simply curious about fresh and innovative approaches. No matter how you found us, we are excited to show you what we can do as an influencer marketing agency.

We are fans of honesty and straight talk. No empty promises, no marketing jargon. When we say something, we mean it. We don’t like empty phrases and we don’t hide behind marketing buzzwords.

Interested in honest, creative, and customized solutions? Then let’s make your next influencer campaign truly skyrocket.

How we propel you forward

Influencer marketing that works – for your brand.

Keen on influencer marketing that not only sounds good but also packs a punch? Then you’re in the right place with us. With over a decade of experience in the agency industry, hundreds of successful campaigns, and a solid amount of marketing know-how, we know how things work. No frills, no empty promises – just honest, targeted work that delivers results.

We are committed to long-term partnerships. Why? Because real success doesn’t happen overnight. With a long-term collaboration, we continuously strengthen your brand, respond to market changes, and grow together with you. Our goal: not just quick hits, but sustainable success.


With us, you won’t get any run-of-the-mill strategies. Every marketing strategy is so tailored that even your favorite tailor would turn green with envy. We tailor everything perfectly to your brand, so it not only shines but also delivers real results.

Concept & Campaign

Creativity is our hallmark. Influencer marketing is about creating campaigns that stand out, convert, and stay memorable. We create content so impressive that even your 70-year-old neighbor Ursula will talk about it – and she doesn’t even have Instagram!

Media Planning

The right message at the right time in the right place. Sounds simple, but it’s more complicated than nailing Jell-O to the wall. We place your message so precisely that it’s not only seen but also celebrated. No coincidence, just strategy. So, sit back and let us work our magic!


Your brand is more than just a logo. We help you sharpen your brand identity so it shines like a unicorn in rainbow light. Authentic communication? That’s our thing.


Gaming is not just a hobby – it’s a culture. We bring your brand into this world and ensure maximum reach and engagement. Whether in e-sports, on Twitch, or even on school playgrounds – wherever Gen Z is active, we are there.

Employer Branding

Attracting top talent, especially from Gen Z, has never been easier. With our employer branding strategies, your company will become the hottest employer since the invention of the foosball table in the break room. Get ready to attract the best minds – no unicorn Frappuccinos or meditation tests needed.

With our network of content creators, we are well-connected – of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be a network, would it? We have direct access to the influencers.which means we can execute faster than you can say “hashtag,” while staying transparent with costs. No hidden fees, no hocus-pocus.

We love challenges!

We are different. We are bold and direct. Empty promises? Not with us! Instead, we deliver results and solutions that truly matter. We know how to do influencer marketing – without the usual clichés and empty phrases.

Test us – we love challenges!