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Employer Branding

& Recruiting Campaigns with Influencers




Are you looking for the best of the best, but traditional methods are letting you down? Young talents want to be impressed. Forget old-fashioned methods – we use influencer marketing to present your employer brand attractively and authentically.

First free tip:

Young people follow influencers

We use influencer marketing to take your employer branding to the next level. With targeted campaigns and authentic partnerships, we ensure that your company not only stands out but shines.

Close to the target group

Influencers are credible and bring your message directly to the target group. They are opinion leaders.

High reach

Your message reaches a broad and diverse audience on the most important platforms. No more Facebook.


Influencers strengthen your employer brand with their unique content and authentic personality.

High engagement

High interactions and real insights into your company pique the interest of talents.

How we work

Target group analysis

Don't panic, we find the perfect influencers for you! We check exactly who fits your company and who will excite your future employees.

Strategic planning

Together we come up with a clever strategy. Not just run-of-the-mill, but tailored, creative, and always with an eye on the numbers.

Content creation

Whether it's a Twitch livestream, Instagram story, YouTube video, or TikTok meme – we ensure that the content is not only relevant but also hits the mark. Your company will be showcased like never before.

Campaign management

We take care of everything – from the idea to implementation. You can sit back and relax while we pull the strings with the influencers and continuously optimize the campaign. Just let us know if we shouldn't be in the break room.

Success control

Numbers, data, facts – we keep everything in check. How many people saw the campaign? Who applied? We analyze and improve until success is practically handed to you.

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Second free tip:

Not as expensive as you think

Companies often quickly pay at least a thousand for a single job posting on major job boards. In comparison, influencer campaigns can often be more cost-effective and offer higher reach and impact.

Influencer marketing not only brings reach but also the authenticity that excites potential employees. Challenge accepted – we show you how to be just as effective (if not more) with influencer marketing.

New ways to go

Traditional recruitment methods are often no longer enough. Influencers offer a fresh, authentic perspective.

Real connections

Influencers have a close relationship with their community and can present your employer brand credibly.

Diverse reach

Whether you want to reach young talents on TikTok or experienced professionals on LinkedIn – we find the right influencers.

We love challenges!

The combination of influencer marketing & employer branding makes us the ideal partner for companies. We ensure that your employer brand is not only seen but also appreciated.

Test us – we love challenges!