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Make yourself comfortable and see for yourself.


Let’s get real: Without a solid strategy, influencer marketing is like a ship without a compass. We’ll help you chart the right course! With a customized influencer marketing strategy, we’ll bring your brand into the hearts of the followers. Forget ordinary – we think big and creatively so your message skyrockets!


A cool idea alone isn’t enough – you need a concept that rocks! We develop influencer marketing concepts for you that not only sound good but also deliver results. Whether it’s a launch event, product unveiling, or a long-term campaign, we ensure that your message lands and sticks.


You want your campaign to be seen in the right place at the right time? Certainly! With our media planning, we ensure that every cent is optimally invested. We know the best times and platforms to ensure your advertising hits hard and maximizes reach.


Who are you and what do you stand for? Your brand identity is the heart of your company. We help you sharpen and convey this identity outwardly – clear, authentic, and unmistakable. Together, we create a brand that is not only recognized but also evokes emotions and builds trust.


Gaming is no longer just for nerds – here’s where the music plays (hehe, like our case for Elbphilharmonie)! With influencer marketing in gaming, you reach a huge, engaged community.

Employer Branding

Finding talent and shining as a top employer at the same time? No problem! With our influencer marketing campaigns for employer branding and recruiting, we showcase what your company is capable of. We ensure that top talents want to join you and that you, as an employer, get the attention you deserve. Applications? They come naturally!