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Influencer Marketing

Just winging it?


A successful influencer marketing strategy starts with a solid foundation. 

We analyze your brand, target audience, and the market to develop a custom strategy that has a lasting impact and delivers real results.


Analysis & Research

Brand Analysis: We dive deep into the DNA of your brand to identify the right channels.

Target Audience Analysis: We understand your target audience to ensure your message reaches the right people. Who wants to miss the target?

Market Analysis: We scrutinize the market to identify opportunities and challenges and align your strategy accordingly.


Goal Definition

Set Clear Goals: Together, we define measurable goals that serve as a guide for your campaign and ensure success. No bullshit, just straight talk.

Establish KPIs: We determine the key performance indicators to monitor progress and adjust the strategy if necessary. Numbers don’t lie, and neither do we.

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Strategy Development

Creative Approaches: We develop innovative ideas that present your brand uniquely and authentically.

Platform Selection: We choose the optimal platforms for your campaign to achieve the greatest impact. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch – we know them all.

Influencer Partnerships: We identify and contact influencers who perfectly match your brand and create genuine connections.

Content Planning: Creating a detailed content plan that ensures your message is conveyed clearly and appealingly. We don’t just talk, we deliver.


Implementation & Optimization

Campaign Management: We monitor and control the campaign to ensure all goals are met and you stay on track. We won’t let you down.

Analysis and Reporting: Regular reports and analyses help us continuously improve and adjust the strategy. Transparency is our middle name.

Success Measurement: We evaluate the success of your campaign based on the established KPIs and derive actionable recommendations to ensure maximum success. Success is no coincidence.

We love challenges!

Our custom influencer marketing strategies are designed to position your brand authentically and effectively. With our extensive experience and creative approach, we make your campaign a success. No fluff, just real results.

Test us – we love challenges!