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Outdoor adventures with a crazy Viking twist

How we merged the worlds of gaming and outdoor adventure by sending OttoBulletproof, the gaming Viking, through epic challenges that thrilled the community and generated record-breaking click numbers.



  • Increase download numbers for Viking Rise
  • Not your typical campaign; instead, aim for something unique: Dressing up OttoBulletproof as a Viking.
  • Achieve high reach and engagement across various platforms.





Planning & strategy

When we received the request to market the "Arctic Warrior" format featuring OttoBulletproof, we knew we could create something special. OttoBulletproof as a gaming Viking? Absolutely. The challenge: A campaign that appeals to both the gaming community and outdoor enthusiasts, while being crazy enough to perfectly align with our brand.

Campaign flow

Our plan: Transforming OttoBulletproof into a Viking persona and spreading the campaign on YouTube & Twitch. A large giveaway should additionally generate attention and actively engage the community.

From the initial idea to the final execution, it was clear that this campaign would be different. OttoBulletproof embraced the challenge and transformed into the gaming Viking. The content was shared across multiple platforms to achieve maximum reach.

Target audience

The target audience for this campaign primarily consisted of gaming enthusiasts who also have a strong interest in outdoor and survival adventures. Arctic Warrior, a survival format by OttoBulletproof, appeals directly to adventurous gamers who love to test themselves in challenging environments.

This was complemented by Viking Rise, an exciting mobile game that immerses players in a world of Vikings and epic battles. The combination of these two elements allowed us to engage a diverse and enthusiastic community seeking adventure and challenges both digitally and in real life.


After leaving the last Viking battlefield and distributing the prizes, we achieved impressive results. The numbers demonstrate that we successfully reached both the gaming and outdoor communities:

2.5 Minuten PreRoll in zweiter Folge Arctic Warrior

1.5 Mio

video views


Twitch Livestream Reaction auf Folge 2


Avg. Viewer


Prizes worth 15.000 €

Campaign highlights

A picture is worth a thousand words, and videos… well, they say even more. Here’s a glimpse into the crazy Viking adventure with OttoBulletproof: